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  • Saskatchewan Moose Hunting

    Hunting moose here on our tribal lands will allow you to pursue these magnificent animals with bow or rifle from October through December.  We have mature bulls over 50" with our typical bull being around 40".  Our moose graze in agricultural lands as well as typical moose habitat like bogs and willow thickets.  When you hunt moose with Battle River Outfitters you'll not only have a trophy for the wall but you'll go home with some of the tastiest game meat on the planet.  There are really few finer foods than moose meat!

    When you hunt Saskatchewan moose with Battle River Outfitters you will leave the worries of having to draw a tag behind.  Book a hunt with us and we'll secure that tag and best of all the tag price is included with your hunt!  Although moose do come into our bait stations the best way to hunt them is calling and spot and stalk.  If you are looking for the ultimate Canadian hunt contact us to book a combination moose/deer hunt to pursue both of these species on your hunt.  A more rewarding hunting experience is hard to find.