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  • Trophy Saskatchewan Mule Deer Hunting

    Our trophy mule deer hunts are not only a great way for you to score a huge bodied, heavy racked monster muley but hunting with us may be your only way to hunt mule deer here in Saskatchewan.  As non-residents cannot typically hunt mule deer in Saskatchewan, hunting the reservation lands we hunt at Battle River Outfitters allows you to pursue these magnificent animals.  Mule deer are fast becoming one of the hardest trophy animals to hunt and we have a great herd with fantastic genetics for heavy racks and extra trash (non typical points, kickers, drop points, etc) here on our tribal lands.  

    Mule deer hunting is best during November for fast rut action increased movement.  Late in November and into December we kill some of our biggest bucks as the deer start feeding heavily and coming into baits more frequently to add reserves for our long winter.  Contact us to discuss how you like to hunt these big bodied bruisers and we'll come up with a game plan to make your hunt fun and rewarding.  Browse through our trophy gallery page to see what our area has to offer - you won't be disappointed!