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    Whitetail deer hunting might just be the exact hunt that you have been dreaming about for years.  Most of us grow up with whitetails as the first big game animal we pursue.  Because of that connection, a trophy whitetail buck is oftentimes the animal that gets even the most seasoned hunter excited.  We've seen more hunters lose it with excitement and buck fever over the sight of a huge Saskatchewan monster buck than any other specie we hunt.  A real whopper will get any hunters blood pumping out of control.

    By hunting baited sites from box blinds you will have the comfort to sit all day if you choose to and here, especially during the rut, you can see a big bruiser anytime of the day.  If you have patience and don't shoot a small buck the chance of scoring a very good, mature buck is on your side.  Our native guides will help formulate a plan with you whether stand hunting, glassing or hunting from a truck gives you the best opportunity.  

    There might be no better place to pursue your trophy whitetail of lifetime than Battle River Outfitters.  We have great lands to hunt, mature bucks, and no wolves.  This is the perfect place to score your next Saskatchewan whitetail!  Take a look in our gallery to see some lucky hunters from the past, game camera pictures, and some of the scenery from our area.  We invite you to contact us today to schedule your trophy hunt.